Depths of Destrus - Skill Database

Icon Class Name Description
Warrior Warrior's Embrace
Strength increased by 1.
Allows usage of Warrior weapon skills.    
Warrior Bulwark
Vitality increased by 5.    
Warrior Fierce Guardian
Armor increased by 10%.    
Warrior Last Stand
Survive an attack which would have killed you.
Heal to 35% health.

This effect can only trigger once.    
Warrior Surge of Rage
Physical damage increased by 10%.    
Warrior Vampiric Embrace
Heal for 5% of the damage you deal.    
Warrior Empowered Regeneration
Health regeneration time reduced by 35%.    
Warrior Blessing of Kings
Damage taken reduced by 10%.    
Warrior Berserker
While your health is below 25% health, your physical damage is increased by 20%.    
Warrior Heavy Blows
Gives your physical attacks 15% chance to deal 150% damage.    
Warrior [PH] Titanic Force
Every other attack deals an additional 30% physical damage.    
Warrior [PH] Recovery
After taking damage, heal for 15% of the damage taken over 6 seconds.    
Warrior [PH] Spell: Shockwave
Cause a shockwave around you, dealing 0 weapon damage + 20 physical damage to all enemies around you.
0 second cooldown.

If Spell: Enrage is learned, this skill will lock.    
Warrior [PH] Spell: Enrage
Become enraged for 10 seconds.
While enraged your strength is increased by 5, and all attacks deal 10% additional damage as physical.
0 second cooldown.

If Spell: Shockwave is learned, this skill will lock.    
DarkKnight [PH] Demon Within
DarkKnight [PH] Unleash the Beast
Attacks deal 5 additional damage, and heal you for 2.    
DarkKnight [PH] Bloodbath
Damaging an enemy causes their blood to explode, dealing 10% of the damage dealt
to nearby enemies, causing them to become infected with Blood Curse.

Blood Curse
Bleed every second, dealing 0 physical
damage, lasting 3 seconds.    
DarkKnight [PH] Never Truly Alone
Every attack gives a stack of Borrowed Power.

Borrowed Power
Increases crit chance by 0,5%, stacking.
Upon reaching 3 stacks the demon within empowers your next attack,
causing the demon to lash out, dealing 50% additional damage.
This causes the stacks to reset.    
DarkKnight [PH] Nemesis
Attacking an enemy marks them as your Nemesis.
Your nemesis takes 10% increased damage from you.
You may only have one nemesis at a time.    
DarkKnight [PH] TBD
DarkKnight [PH] TBD
DarkKnight [PH] Devour Defense
Each enemy slain increases your armor by 0.5% up to 75%.
You can no longer benefit from equipment's armor.    
DarkKnight [PH] Armor Shatter
Upon attacking an enemy, shatter their defence, allowing you to deal 10% additional damage to them.    
DarkKnight [PH] Onslaught
Damage done is increased by 10% for 6 seconds, every time you take damage.
This effect stacks.    
DarkKnight [PH] TBD
DarkKnight [PH] Give In
Let the demon take full control, increasing crit chance by 0 and crit damage by 0.
Your crit damage is increased by Dexterity and Willpower.
But you can no longer benefit from those stats.    
DarkKnight [PH] Spell: TBD
0 second cooldown.

If Spell:  is learned, this skill will lock.    
DarkKnight [PH] Spell: TBD
0 second cooldown.

If Spell:  is learned, this skill will lock.    
Thief Signet of Thieves
Join the brotherhood of thieves.
Allowing access to the Dexterity attribute.
Allows usage of Thief weapon skills.    
Thief Find Weakness
Ignore 7% of the enemy's resistance.    
Thief Keen Bladework
Gives 15% chance to deal double damage on any attack.     
Thief Agility
Gives you a 15% chance at dodging any damage.    
Thief Curse of the Serpent
Attack speed increased by 10%.    
Thief Contract Killer
Experience from kills increased by 20%.    
Thief Stealth
Enemies now have a much lower range at which they can see you.    
Thief Assault
While above 80%. health, your damage is increased by 5%.    
Thief Finders Keepers
Boxes have a higher chance of containing consumables.    
Thief Weapon Specialist
Physical damage done with Swords, Axes, and Daggers are increased by 7%.    
Thief Tricks of the Trade
Gain 5 Strength, Vitality, Intellect, Willpower, Dexterity cycling every 5 minutes.    
Thief [PH] TBD
You no longer gain movement speed from Dexterity.
However Dexterity now increases your damage by X% per point.    
Thief [PH] Spell: Sprint
Movement speed increased by 40% for 5 seconds.
0 second cooldown.

If Spell:  is learned, this skill will lock.    
Thief [PH] Spell: TBD
Archer Marksmanship
Your arrows no longer drop.    
Archer Explosive Arrows
Your arrows have 7% chance of explode on impact, dealing 25% weapon damage to nearby enemies.    
Archer Agility
Arrows fly 20% faster.    
Archer Piercing Arrows
Your arrows have 15% chance to pierce the enemy and go through them.    
Archer Sniper
Your arrows deal up to 30% more damage the longer they fly.    
Archer Binding Shot
Your arrows have 10% chance to immobilize the enemy for 3 seconds.    
Archer Gatherer
Killing an enemy has a very low chance to drop a random item.    
Archer Expertise
Increase experience gained by 10%.